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Glory Global Solutions - 
Solution Center & Lab

Lisle, IL

5,400 sf

Glory Global Solutions is the international sales and service business of Glory LTD which is an international pioneer in the development and manufacturing of cash handling machines and systems. At the Chicago office, the solution center was outdated and lacked a comprehensive flow or story while the lab had become too small for the current needs. 


INTERFORM's partnership with Glory Global Solutions was a collaborative effort to envision the future of office collaboration, meetings, and presentations.  In the past, the Solution Center allowed Glory to tour clients through the space and showcase the different product offerings. Originally the space acted as a hospitality space and boardroom space only with no connection to the main office or employees. 

With the rapid change in flexibility of the workplace, Glory sought to combine functional meeting spaces and break areas for the employees and demonstration space for their clients. Taking inspiration from the companies Japanese roots  INTERFORM created a clean and minimalist organization of the space that focuses on the use of natural light, biophilic elements, and wood throughout the space.

Photos used by permission of Glory Global Solutions, Inc. Copyright 2022

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