INTERFORM is a leading Chicago Architecture + Design firm, formed in 2005. Our professionals have over 30 years experience in planning, designing and building corporate & commercial interiors – in excess of 3.5 million square feet in over 21 states.

INTERFORM was created to help our clients establish and strengthen their brand by fully aligning with them through all aspects of the design process. Our focus is to create more direct client relationships, eliminating waste and communication layers in order to create strategically significant projects with the most meaningful end result possible.

INTERFORM is uniquely positioned to be an advocate for your organization. Our design firm is experienced and agile – we thoroughly analyze the needs of our clients in order to provide creative and innovative design solutions. Our delivery process has been engineered to take advantage of our size, providing more expeditious response and exploiting our intellectual capital for the greatest direct benefit for our clients. The projects we are most comfortable with are cost-intelligent and efficient, evoking positive responses that reinforce value & identity.

We are always looking for talented people to add to our growing team. Please send any inquiries to


Allan Mellske



Aleks Furman

Creative Director


Christy Scoughton

Project Director


Taofik Lasisi

Project Director / 

Technical Manager


TaofikL Headshot.jpg

Giovanni Morabito 

Project Director /

Technical Manager


GiovanniM Headshot.jpg

Baine Rydin

Project Architect /

Technical Manager

BaineRydin Headshot.jpg

Gail Milano

Project Architect /

Technical Manager

SpencerF Headshot.jpg

Spencer Ferguson

Project Architect

Tim LeVaughn

Project Architect

Christopher Collins

Project Architect

SamR - Headshot.jpg

Samantha Rook

Senior  Designer


Erica Freeburg

Project Architect

(Florida Office)

EricaF - Headshot.jpg

Frank Torchia

Architectural Consultant


Giedre Brazdzionyte

Project Designer /

Project Manager


Gina Manto

Workplace Strategist /

Interior Designer


GinaM - Headshot.jpg
IvyVB Headshot.jpg

Ivy VanBeaver

Interior Designer

Emily Phillips

Interior Designer

Julia Carnaghi 

Interior Design Intern

James Darnell

Senior Project Architect