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RMB Capital

Lake Forest, IL

INTERFORM is proud to have recently completed brand new offices for RMB Capital in Lake Forest, Illinois. When we were confronted with a basic tenant improvement fitplan from the project manager, we saw it as a challenge to look at the space with a critical eye. We viewed the raw space as an opportunity-eschewing dropped ceiling tile and grid,in order to celebrate the exposed brick and steel structure. We reversed the plan,relocating meeting rooms inboard,and creating an inviting caféand library/touch-down zone that serves as a client greeting area and light-filled casual meeting space. Offices received full glass fronts to share daylight with the workstations, and meeting rooms were granted a combination of full-height and clerestory glass, to bring daylight further into them.Both management and employees are delighted with the outcome, and they are able to return to work in a warm, inviting and uplifting environment–with the goal of increasing efficiency and productivity now in reach.


Thanks to our project partners Savills, DSI Group, and Interior Investments.

Photography by Dennis Jourdan.

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