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Milwaukee, WI

50,000 sf

Formerly known as Plaza East Office Center, this dated 1980s office complex was design by Helmut Jahn.  The building was fully repositioned as 330 Kilbourn and transformed to be a statement office building in the City of Milwaukee.  INTERFORM was commissioned to lead the architectural design efforts to transform the building, attracting new tenants and generating buzz in the marketplace.  Old incandescent light globes were stripped out of the open arched lobby, and a new lighting strategy was conceived to artistically enhance the structure.  We designed a new modern security desk and sculptural planting elements that are rotated in plan to emphasize movement through the space.  Steel railings were removed, and replaced with new recessed glass panels, and the entire steel structure was transformed from orange to gleaming white.  In addition to the lobby modernization, we designed a marketing suite, tenant lounge and conference center amenities. 

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