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Chicago, IL

16,000 sf

The design problem that the Office Suites client presented to us was: How can we create a more tailored and refined co-working space for a higher-end clientele. With the location of the space giving in the CNA building, the design focused around highlighting the outstanding views to the lake. By keeping the palette isolated to warm neutrals with metal and navy accents the views east were allowed to shine.

While there is a large number of offices, what this co-working space aimed at was offering a high quality of shared spaces. The amenities of this space include an ample waiting room that can double as event space, shared conference rooms that allow a range in meeting sizes, a large café that allows catering and workspace, and a "Cognac Lounge".  The "Cognac Lounge" created a unique space for the owner to rent as an experience. 

Designed by INTERFORM staff while at a previous firm.

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